Reasons Why You Need A Wedding Planner 

Initially, hiring an events planner may seem like an unnecessary expense, but this is no longer the case. With so many costs to negotiate, venues to ponder and suppliers to choose from, wedding planning can be a huge hassle and absorb enormous quantities of your time. A wedding planner will be there to save you stress, time and money, as well as make the process one that is enjoyable for the whole family.


  1. Contacts 

Your events planner will have built relationships with trustworthy suppliers and therefore be able to guide you to those who are reliable and cover all your requirements. This will save you time spent sifting through hundreds of options and the inconvenience of chasing up numerous unanswered enquiries.


  1. Budgeting 

Your events planner will have experience in bringing a vision to life while working under a budget. They will know exactly where and when to save money and be able to negotiate on your behalf. If your planner has worked with specific suppliers over a long period of time, it is likely you will benefit from reduced rates or complimentary services.


  1. Ceremony to reception coordination 

Worrying about the reception set-up while youre supposed to be enjoying your ceremony would not be ideal! A wedding planner will be there to give you peace of mind by coordinating the turnaround on your behalf. They will also be able to contend with any issues that arise, such as suppliers getting lost, late guests, parking, etc.



  1. Take the pressure off your loved ones 

The stress of wedding planning can cause tension amongst family members, and such occasions place huge responsibility on those close to you. Ensuring everything gets sorted prior to the event and then trying to get that to run seamlessly on the day can spoil your loved onesenjoyment of the day. An events planner will take away this stress, act as a mediator and make sure everybody is able to relax and relish the occasion.


  1. New Ideas 

Not only will a wedding planner spring into action your vision for the day; they will also be able to offer ideas you may not have considered. There are so many details to consider and having an experts opinion will expose you to a rich source of inspiration.