12 Tips For Planning A Destination Wedding!

We know that planning for your big day can be extremely stressful, especially if you’re dream wedding comprises jetting you and your loved ones off to a majestic faraway island. Here, we have compiled our top 12 tips for making your destination wedding the ultimate celebration away from home…

  1. Choose your destination wisely – Pick a place of significant meaning to both of you and research for the best and most suitable seasons. Some of the most desirable wedding destinations may have monsoon season, some have hurricane season and others have uncomfortably hot and humid summers. It’s highly important to research the seasons in order to ensure the likelihood of more enjoyable, less problematic weather.
  2. Tailor your dress to the climate – Lightweight, sheer, delicate, short-sleeved or sleeveless fabrics are perfect if you’re heading for the tropics. Chiffon, charmeuse and lace are often preferable for those kinds of climate. Conversely, if you’re headed for snow-capped mountains then it may be best to opt for materials such as silk, brocade or velvet. Of course, in this instance a long sleeved design would be most desirable. It’s also key to consider the practicality and functionality of your dress in relation to the setting – layers upon layers and an extended train may be less than ideal if you’re planning on a intimate sandy beach ceremony.
  3. Notify your guests well in advance – Aim to have chosen your destination and sent out your “save the date” invites to your guests with approximately one year’s notice. This will ensure your guests will be less likely to have already made other plans on that date. This will also allow plenty of time for attendees to book flights and accommodation.
  4. Get required vaccines (and notify your guests to do so too) – It’s a small detail which could be very easily overlooked and completely forgotten, however, it may be fundamental to having your dream wedding at your favourite far-away location. It’s also wise to alert your guests plenty in advance if they too will need to be vaccinated.
  5. Visit the venue – Book a trip prior to booking your venue to see your potential chosen destination. Do this well in advance in order to ensure availability on your preferred date. This will allow you to better envisage how you’d like the space to look on your special day. It’s also the perfect opportunity to meet your potential vendors in person and begin the decision-making process.
  6. Pinterest is key to communicate your ideas – Utilise Pinterest to present your ideas in vision boards to your vendors, i.e. wedding planners, florists, designers and cake decorators. Tying the knot abroad can be challenging if you are working alongside local vendors, due to the language barriers. This should easily be overcome with the help of your planner, but visual aids will only contribute to their solid understanding of what it is that you want.
  7. Utilise technology to communicate – Schedule in regular Facetime/ Skype calls with your vendors for updates. It can be tricky to keep in touch with your vendors from half-way across the world, so it’s absolutely worth it to use technology to your advantage to remain in regular contact. This way, you will be able to visually see your plans coming to life.
  8. Consider guest accommodation – Be sure to find reasonably affordable accommodation for your guests and confirm availability for your preferred dates. It’s important to ensure your guests know they have been considered, and that you appreciate the huge effort they are making to celebrate with you on your special day.
  9. Ship necessary items beforehand – Send all ceremony/ reception decorations, wedding favours, welcome gifts, etc at least 2 or 3 weeks in advance. This will provide a window of time for the items to clear border control and allow you enough time to replace lost or damaged items. Be sure to insure any items you send.
  10. Carry your dress onboard – It’s always best to carry your dress onboard in order to prevent any mishaps. It may need a steam on the other end but that’s better than losing your dress a few days before the big day. You want to minimise all potential hiccups.
  11. Research local marriage requirements – Some popular destinations legally require both parties to reside in the chosen destination for a particular period prior to the ceremony. For example, France requires you to arrive at least 40 days before your official ceremony.
  12. Arrive early – Give yourself time to settle in, organise and set up everything and spend some time with family and friends relaxing before your special day.

Tips aside, we have over 30 years experience organising the perfect day bespoke to each of our clients wishes and desires. We pride ourselves on our unrivalled contacts across the globe, at some of the most prestigious and idyllic wedding destinations. We will continue to endeavour to do whatever it takes to ensure you have a once-in-a-lifetime day of bliss and magic.

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