We have our 6 key tips on how to plan the best stress free
wedding as possible….or limited stress at least!

1.  Venue
Before you even start looking for venues ask yourself two important questions, ‘What style of wedding do you have in mind?’ and ‘How many guests are you planning to invite?’ From the answers you can eliminate the venues according to size and style, that way you’re not overwhelmed by choice.

2. Master Copy
Have a master copy of names and contact numbers for all suppliers, venues and everyone who has a responsibility towards the wedding. This can also include a calendar of deadlines for when certain things need to be finished by.

3. Food
This is the fun part…Getting to choose what you would like to eat on the big day! Spare a thought for the veggies and vegans who can’t survive a full day off a stuffed mushroom, it is 2020 now after all!

4. Budget Savvy
If the budget is tight then there is no need to splash the cash on the added extras such as wedding cars or wedding favours. Use the money in the right way and focus on the reception looking perfect as that is where your guest will be spending most of the day.

5. Make is unique and personal
People love attending weddings that are personal and created specifically to the happy couple and not just another generic wedding. Add little quirks of your own with things that represent you as a couple, that is what makes long lasting wedding memories and your day to be just that extra special!

6. And relax
Don’t forget to relax before the big day, and perhaps even book a relaxing day at the spa for you and your other half to enjoy…stress free!