Opting For A Sustainable Wedding

 As we are growing increasingly aware of our impact on the environment, many of our lifestyle choices are progressing towards a more eco-friendly approach. Its therefore no wonder that sustainable weddings are on the rise. its already estimated that 70% of marriage celebrations this year contain ‘green elements,’ and were expecting this figure to rise to 90% by 2025. 

If youve chosen 2021 as your year to contribute to a more green way of living, weve made a list of ways you can enjoy your perfect day without it having a detrimental impact on the planet. And, just as importantly, without comprising on style.


If a destination wedding has always been your dream, try and plan your guestsjourney in a way that requires as few plane and car journeys as possible. Shared taxis and bus hire could significantly reduce emissions.



With second-hand fashion becoming more popular than ever, there have never been so many options for buying or hiring previously owned wedding attire. Encouraging your guests to do the same will do wonders for minimising the burden fast-fashion is having on our environment. If second-hand fashion isnt your thing, be sure to seek out designers that use sustainable fabrics and handle their manufacturing processes in a responsible way.



As with fashion, people are growing increasingly conscious of what theyre applying to their skin, and as a result there are a huge variety of sustainable brands to choose from. When it comes to hair, skincare and make-up for your big day, try and select ethical and eco-friendly products. Labels marked cruelty-free,’ ‘non-toxic, palm oil freeand vegantend to indicate a more trustworthy product.



If an online invitation doesnt do it for you, keep your notecards minimal and opt for a company that uses recyclable, FSC Certified or reclaimed paper.



Ensuring your menu is comprised of organic, local, Fairtrade and ethically-produced ingredients where possible will help to reduce the impact of food production on the environment. With Vegetarian and Vegan weddings becoming the norm its time we started giving more thought to the food we serve our guests.



Flowers are such a key part of wedding tradition that bypassing them for potted greens might take away from the atmosphere of your special day. Instead, asking your florist to select locally grown seasonal flowers will help to reduce mileage. It may also be possible to donate you flowers after the day, for others to enjoy while they are still in bloom. Perhaps a nearby hospital or hospice would be happy to take them.



Decorations can be hugely wasteful and destructive to the local environment, but with careful consideration, this doesnt need to be the case. Reusable items like glass and ribbon will eliminate the need for single-use plastic, and selecting non-toxic candles and biodegradable confetti will minimise damage to the area. 

While a sustainable wedding may take a little bit more planning, there is no reason for your day to feel compromised. Even opting for just a few eco-friendly elements will make a huge difference, and your wedding planner will be able to guide you along the way.