Here are our top picks to ensure you dazzle your guests with tasty yet creative food and drinks options for them to feast on, on your special day:

Cocktail Hour

This year is seeing cocktail hour hors-d’oeuvres taking more prevalence than ever before. Traditionally, cocktail hour has acted simply as a buffer between the ceremony and a sit down dinner, but this year we have seen it taking centre stage. Cocktail hour is now the perfect opportunity for couples to add a touch of individuality and personality to their food selections, with more couples opting to present miniature versions of their favourite foods. Additionally, it’s an opportunity for the couple to give their guests a taste of their most special dates or occasions. Sliders, mini pizzas, sushi, satay skewers, mini tacos, lettuce cups and cocktail shrimp are just some of our tasty favourites.

Late-Night Snacks

With weddings now often extending into the early hours of the morning, more and more couples are opting to provide mid-party munchies. Some are even attempting to replicate their favourite post-night out snacks. Comfort foods in miniature form are top performers and are sure to keep energy levels high and guests dancing ’til dawn.

Drinks Stations

Drinks stations are perfect for encouraging more interaction and can even create an interesting talking point for guests, whilst they enjoy their favourite tipple. Some couples have chosen to showcase signature cocktails created by themselves, others have created DIY bubbly bars and let their guests play bartender. For an eye-catching drinkable display, champagne towers offer a classic yet playful drinks option. This year has definitely also seen a rise in non-alcoholic beverages for guests to enjoy, featuring coffee, hot chocolate and an even array of teas. Particularly popular at outdoor Summer weddings, fresh lemonade stands have proven to be a huge hit.

Food Trucks

The use of food trucks is rising as a popular catering choice this year. Food trucks offer a fantastic, fun and contemporary take on buffet service and are especially fabulous for outdoor weddings as they can come straight to the location. Not to mention, food trucks are an extremely practical and efficient means of feeding large crowds, as evidenced by their use at festivals and fairs. If food trucks feel a little too casual for your main dining experience, then they make for a quirky alternative for late-night nibbles.

Family Style Dining

For a fresh take on sit down meals, many are opting for family style spreads. With a multitude of delicious dishes laid out across the table, guests can mingle as they pass them around. This dining set-up makes for a more interactive and sociable pick and mix, self-serve dining experience. It also breaks the old and stale tradition of a top table separated from its guests, encouraging the happy couple to interact and spend more time with their loved ones.